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...the magic-keeper

This, I know to be true - the only impact, the only "influence" that will matter, the only legacy I wish to leave behind, is that of having served Beauty and Wonder.

I tend: my children and family, the four-leggeds in my care, the bird-people, the bee-people, the plant-people; earth, sky, air, water...

I listen to:  the trees, the flowers, the land. I offer stewardship to our little patch and live in constant awe of the reciprocity of nature. Love the earth and the earth will love you back....enter into conversation with the land and you'll discover how well you belong.

In late 2015 and early 2016 I began a pledge of simplicity - of living a life more analogue. The online world has so much to offer, but has become far too busy for this quiet, introvert soul.  So it's long periods of unplugging filled with endless cups of tea, books, journals, letters and wandering in the garden.

Despite all advice to the contrary, I firmly believe there's a way to exist in the digital world without selling your soul. I just haven't quite sorted it out yet. [more thoughts on that here]

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...the writer

I was a shy, quiet, too-sensitive, child - books and stories were my sanctuary and my inspiration. In my secret heart, all I ever wanted was to be a writer - but I put that aside in pursuit of Sensible Things.

I started writing again, in 2002, when I was pregnant with my daughter - and it feels like I've been inching my way back ever since. Some days, it feels too hard; our world, after all, is run on Sensible Things and there are children and day-jobs and bills to pay and laundry to be folded.

Still, I plod onward -- three steps forward and two steps back some days, surrendering - not at all graciously - to the ebb and flow of my creative rhythms.

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reality and a word about creative discipline

The simple truth is this: my life is wondrously full and wild and my daemon is a contrary creature.

So it's one word, one day, at a time.

After years of battling against myself and berating myself for shiftlessness, I now recognize that it's my choice that writing should slip easily between the folds of everyday life - my family, the patch of earth I tend, my wide-ranging passions and interests - these are my heart and soul and so my writing is all the richer for them.  I'm a scanner by nature and choose to no longer apologize for, or justify, the way I am.

To be constantly told to "choose one thing" is soul-eroding for a person like myself.

Besides, art does not exist in a vacuum, nor do my stories.

However, in 2015, a year of relentless sorrow, I came to see what truly matters to me and what one thing I couldn't possibly live without....


That knowledge, then, is my discipline and the grace which allows me to stumble, fall, and start again.

As many times as necessary.

One word, one day, at a time.

There is always time for writing.

And painting.

And gardening.

And riding.


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the stories

If I had to tuck myself into a single genre - contemporary fantasy/magical realism is most often where you'll find me, with a strong bias towards ecofeminism. It's a genre which allows for the blurring of lines and the crossing of thresholds; that the Unseen Realms are simply that, unseen but for those who care to look.

Some of my work, I've published as responses to writing prompts, some as part of a zine I used to produce, and even a series of 'ink blot stories' that were a mail-order venture. It's been a constantly evolving venture - and continues to be so. In 2015/2016 I published four books independently before deciding to pause for a while to sort out what comes next.

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