hello, and welcome...

 my name is melanie (or just mel, if you please)

♡ i write stories, tend gardens and drink far too much tea ♡

♡ i believe in magic and daydreams and spend rather a lot of time staring moodily out of windows ♡

♡ i serve beauty, simplicity and live-lived-slowly ♡


about me

writer :: magic-keeper :: fire-raiser

i believe we are meant for joy. i aspire to a life-more-analogue. i'm desperately fond of tea and have a weakness for old books, old typewriters and old roses.

INFJ :: Aries-sun, Gemini-moon :: HSP :: Enneagram 4/5 :: Ravenclaw



this is where i write about my journey towards a simpler life and of the magic of ordinary things; of ravens and roses; permaculture, poultry and the unseen realms.


coming soon....

i write urban fantasy and magical realism around themes of place, belonging and ecofeminism.  i believe that stories ought to serve as both comfort and escapism but should, above all other things, restore our belief in wonder and delight.